Social Media Classes in Maine

2018 Facebook Business Page Changes

Next class: Thursday 6/28, 6:00PM

Thank you to the Cornish United Church of Christ for use of the vestry for this class.

What you need to know to stay at in front of your audience. If you have a business Facebook page, you need this class!

Have you heard about the big changes coming to Facebook? We will cover the information you need to know to be prepared and make the most of your Facebook marketing efforts. Did we mention these changes are HUGE? Well, they are. And they WILL affect your business page in a big way. Don’t miss your opportunity to educate yourself and your staff and to have a better shot at staying at the top of your customers’ newsfeed. Oh, did you hear there will be 2 newsfeeds!? Yikes!!

This class will help you understand how to present your business in the best way possible by covering topics such as the most effective times and what sort of content to post, using insights and so much more.

Materials include:

  • Using Your Facebook Business Page Video Class
  • 2018 Holiday Calendar (for planning timely posts)
  • Demographics Worksheets
  • Social Media Content Planning worksheets

This class will arm you with the knowledge you need to be successful; on any social media platform.

 $15 per person.

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Can’t make it to the class? Take the online course here.

Face the Basics

Covering the very basics of how to use Facebook starting with creating your personal profile, keeping your personal information personal, viewing your news feed, Facebook Messenger and using Facebook on a mobile device.  This class is for the true beginner.

Take this free course online here.

Facebook Intermediate

You’re comfortable using Facebook, for the most part… You know how to post a photo and how to “like” something, but you’re still not sure who is seeing your posts, how to share a page that you like or how to customize your newsfeed. Did you know the difference between a group and a page? This is the class for you!

The Basics of Facebook Business Pages

Here we cover the basics of Facebook business pages. We start with creating and categorizing your business page, how to keep your personal information separate, liking other pages as your business, responding to messages and reviews, posting, liking and viewing the news feed as your business.

Take the free online course here.

Websites vs. Social Media 

Why you need both and how to determine where to spend the bulk of your efforts. This class covers the ever-so-popular questions: Do I really need a website? What is the best social media platform to use for my business? Who am I reaching this way? We will discuss the differences, features, and benefits of both, review your data (you’ll receive a worksheet to complete prior to the class) and then help you to determine the best social media outlets for your business.

Who Is Your Customer? 

Developing your target audience and understanding demographics. This interactive workshop covers the benefits of knowing your customer demographics, completing demographic profiles and how to utilize this knowledge when delivering your message. If you don’t know exactly who your target audience is, how will you know how to reach them? The trial-and-error approach is expensive when it comes to marketing! Don’t miss this one.

Writing and Achieving Your Marketing Goals

In this 3 part, interactive workshop series, we will walk through the process of establishing obtainable business goals, developing qualifying leads, reviewing previous progress, planning and achieving success.

Most classes are held in Sanford-Springvale, and Cornish, Maine.

The United Church of Christ is located on Main Street in Cornish (Rt. 25), across the street from the Bonney Memorial Library and next door to the Cornish Inn. Just a short drive from Limington, Limerick, Hiram, Porter, Parsonsfield, Newfield, Acton, Waterboro, Baldwin, Bridgton, Denmark, Standish, and Brownfield, Maine, Freedom, Ossipee, Conway, and North Conway, NH. We can’t wait to help you learn to grow your business using social media!